Alumni Achievement Award

Michael R Schreurs, '69 and John C. Schreurs, '77
2022 Heritage Honours Awards | Alumni Achievement Award Winner

This award recognizes the significant professional accomplishments of UNI graduates.


After graduating from UNI in 1969 with a marketing degree, Mike founded Strategic America in Des Moines in 1980. Soon his brother John, a '77 radio and television communication graduate from UNI, joined the company. Mike is currently the chairman and chief strategist for Strategic America, and John is the president and CEO. Strategic America employs approximately 130 employees, over 10% of whom are UNI graduates.

Over the years, Mike and John have welcomed groups of UNI marketing, communication and media students to tour their company and participate in internships. In 2022, Mike and John created an ESOP for their employees. out of appreciation for the ESOP and to honor Mike and John, several employees created an endowed UNI scholarship to be awarded to digital marketing and communications and media students. The brothers have visited the UNI College of Business and enjoy speaking with UNI business, communication and media faculty and students.

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Mike Schreurs








Mike Schreurs, '69

John Schreurs
John Schreurs, '77