Alumni Achievement Award

Larry E. McKibben
2019 Heritage Honours Awards | Alumni Achievement Award Winner

This award recognizes the significant professional accomplishments of UNI graduates.

With a strong passion for education, Larry’s relationship with UNI has been a long one. He graduated with a B.A. in political science in 1970, then obtained his J.D. from the University of Iowa Law School. He was admitted to the Iowa Bar Association in 1973 and is an attorney with the firm of Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenz, LLP, in Marshalltown.

A native of Marshalltown, Larry has been active in a number of community organizations and activities. While state senator from 1997-2008, Larry was chair of the Ways & Means Committee as well as president pro tem. He is currently serving in the Iowa State Bar Association and is in his eighth year on the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Board.

Larry took a break from political life for a few years until he was appointed to the Iowa Board of Regents by Governor Terry Brandstad for a term from 2013-2019. Larry has been instrumental in carrying the UNI story, with its successes as well as its challenges, to the Board of Regents. One of the highlights of his tenure was serving on the search committee for UNI’s current president. He often remarks on how pleased he is to have been a part of bringing UNI President Mark Nook and his wife, Cheryl, to campus.

In addition to giving of their time and talents, Larry and his wife, Marki, ’69, have contributed financially to UNI. During the Focus on Students Scholarship Initiative, the couple established the Larry and Marlene McKibben Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship supports first-generation history teaching or social science teaching students who are residents of Iowa. In addition to the scholarship, Larry and Marki have been loyal donors to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean’s Fund for Excellence and to the Annual Fund. They have a 32-year giving history to UNI and are members of the Presidents Club. Larry and Marki have a son, daughter in-law and two grandsons who reside in Marshalltown and a daughter who resides in Coralville.

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Larry E. McKibben