Heritage Honours Award Recipients

Past recipients of the UNI Alumni Association's Heritage Honours Awards.

Alumni Achievement Award

This award recognizes the significant professional accomplishments of UNI graduates.

2019: Larry McKibben
2018: Steven M. Heilmann, Ph.D.
2017: Georgy Lee Stigler
2016: Shellie Pfohl
2015: Dr. John Talley
2014: Jessie Nicholson
2013: Mark Oman
2012: Mildred Wood
2011: Gary Scholten
2010: Stan Askren
2009: Sally Carbaugh Frudden
2008: Nancy Powell
2007: Jon Scoles

Alumni Service Award

This award recognizes those graduates who have shown long and continuous service to the university and their community.

2019: Doug and Rosie Lindaman
2018: William D. Calhoun
2017: Roberta Yoder
2016: Merlin Taylor
2015: Sue Caley
2014: Justin Bierman
2013: Beverly Wynn Riess
2012: Sandy Stevens
2011: Jean Trainor
2010: David Takes
2009: Len Froyen
2008: Wanda and Carl Wehner
2007: Rod Foster

Young Alumni Award 

This award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated success early in their career (age 40 and under) and who has been active in the life of the university.

2019: Mary Thielen
2018: Matthew J. Bries
2017: Suzanna Shontz
2016: Wade Arnold
2015: Andy Van Fleet
2014: Stephen Bruere
2013: Matt Harris
2012: Jason Kilborn
2011: Jason Lau
2010: Barbara and Clay Condit
2009: Bradley Block
2009: Guang Jin
2008: Adrienne Hallett
2007: Troy Dannen

Honorary Alumnus Award

This award is presented to a friend of the university in recognition of their exceptional support of the University of Northern Iowa..

2019: Jersey Jermier
2018: James L. Kelly
2017: Jan and Scott Bittner
2016: Gary Rima
2015: Stan and Rose Lorenz
2014: Richard Jourdan and Mary Frances Jourdan
2013: Keith and Joyce Borglum
2012: Ed Gallagher
2011: Bob and Mary Ellen Molinaro
2010: Betty McCoy
2009: Dick Jacobson
2008: David Mason
2007: Eldred Harman