Honorary Alumnus Award

Joanne and Lane Reeves
2021 Heritage Honours Awards | Honorary Alumnus Award Winner

This award is presented to a friend of the university in recognition if their exceptional support of the University of Northern Iowa.

Joanne graduated from Iowa State University and Lane is a University of Iowa graduate, but both have come to claim UNI as their university.

Joanne is the daughter of John S. Latta, founder of University Book and Supply. The Latta family supports several scholarships in the areas of biology, science and education, and an entrance to the UNI-Dome is named for J.S. Latta. Lane is a retired OB-GYN and is well-respected in the medical community.

Joanne and Lane are very proud to be associated with Panther Athletics and have great relationships with the coaching and professional staff. Lane and Joanne each fund Panther Champions scholarships and have supported the Gallagher Bluedorn and department of technology in addition to Panther Athletics over their 38 years of giving to UNI.


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Joanne and Lane Reeves








Joanne and Lane Reeves