UNI Traditions Challenge

What is the UNI Traditions Challenge?

A big part of college is the lifelong memories you'll create and the experiences that unite you with Panthers all over the world. The traditions of the UNI community connect you to alumni through shared experiences and are part of our campus' continually evolving history. 

The Traditions Challenge helps you make the most of your time at UNI and gives you a way to remember it forever. It's a "must-do" list of campus activities you are encouraged to participate in, many of which you will already do during your college years. You just need to document it with photos (which you're probably going to do anyway)!

Some examples of UNI Traditions include:

  • Eating in the dining center (you have to eat, right?)
  • Going campaniling (and finding out what campaniling is)
  • Watching a sporting event (you get to see nationally-ranked teams, for free!)
  • Attending a musical or theater performance (see your friends or national groups, your call)
  • And many more (you do have a few years to fill up with memories)

What do I get at the end?

Complete 25 traditions to receive a lapel pin and 45 traditions to receive a medallion to wear at graduation. Graduating seniors who have completed the task are invited to a celebratory ceremony each year. Friends and family will know you are a Traditions Keeper, helping keep the Panther spirit alive at UNI! You'll also have a great collection of photos and memories to remember your years at UNI and all the wonderful people you met and exciting things you did.

How do I participate?

  • Complete items on the Traditions Challenge list
  • Take pictures while doing activities
  • Download a copy of this presentation and add a photo for each tradition on the corresponding slide
  • Contact us with questions or to turn in your traditions (make sure to attach your completed presentation!)
  • Graduate and be a Traditions Keeper!

I still have a few questions. Who do I contact?

If you would like a presentation about the UNI Traditions Challenge or more information, please email us or visit our Facebook page!

For student organization and departments: 

Want to advertise that your organization, department, or event helps students complete a tradition in the UNI Traditions Challenge? Add the symbol below to your marketing materials or website. 

Email unicats@uni.edu to check out a table top banner reminding students to take their traditions photo at your event. 

Proud part of the UNI Traditions Challenge

UNI grad with Traditions Challenge medallion

Save the date! 

Traditions Keeper Ceremony
Tuesday, December 3  /  4:30 p.m.
Maucker Union Ballroom A

Submit your completed Traditions Challenge and be honored as an Official Traditions Keeper at the Traditions Keeper Ceremony. Deadline to submit your slides in order to receive a ceremony invitation is Friday, November 22