UNI Fight Song, Alma Mater and Panther Growl

UNI Fight Song

Hail our Panthers, we are ever loyal,
Showing strength and unity.
As we rise, we firmly stand behind you,
Urge you on to victory.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
As you lead us on to fame and honor,
Fight! Fight! Fight! will be our cry.
So, give us a yell, Ho! the purple and the gold,
Victory for UNI!

Panther Growl

Check back soon to hear UNI's famous Panther growl.

UNI Alma Mater

UNI O Alma Mater
Hear our voices now in song;
Hail to thee, O state of plenty,
Thou has raised it proud and strong.

True in spirit, strong in knowledge
UNI, we sing in homage.
Hail to thee, O Alma Mater
Our tomorrows shall be thine.
From the hallowed halls of learning,
Rising from the fertile land;
Guide to fame thy sons and daughters,
In the pattern on thy hand.