Young Alumni Award

Skylar Mayberry-Mayes, '12
2021 Heritage Honours Awards | Young Alumni Award Winner

This award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated success early in their career and who have been active in the life of the University of Northern Iowa.

Skylar is a 2012 UNI graduate with a diverse background in financial services. He currently provides in-depth technical expertise and data analysis at Nationwide, where he has worked since 2015.

He currently serves as the professional development chair of the National Network of Black Associates, is a member of the OCLO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, and was formerly a member of the OCC Data & Analytics Council. He was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Volunteer Service Award recipient by President Barack Obama and the 2018 Nationwide Volunteer of the Year.

Skylar’s community involvement extends to many boards and councils, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Greater Des Moines Partnership and various national fraternal boards. Additionally, Skylar is an appointed representative for both the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa Judicial Branch.

Skylar maintains a strong connection with UNI students, faculty and staff, always ready to serve when asked. He is a proud alumnus of both the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University, earning an undergraduate degree in finance and a Master of Business Administration. He is also a current Ph.D. candidate at Drake University.


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Skylar Mayberry-Mayes








Skylar Mayberry-Mayes, '12